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SOURCE: USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Namibia, Austria

APPEARANCE: Opalescent with veins

PROPERTIES: Filters information passing through brain and combines with intuition. Elixir is beneficial to all levels of consciousness, balances the metabolism. Heals heart and throat chakra, enhancing loving communication, opens third eye. Aligns physical and etheric bodies, maintains good health. Balances male–female energy. Beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency, and calcium deposits. Dissipates energy blocked in nervous system, relieves muscle spasm. Shields from microwaves. Hold or place on appropriate place.


SOURCE: Britain, Poland, Romania, Russia, Germany, Burma

APPEARANCE: Transparent, may have insects trapped inside.

PROPERTIES: Brings widsom, balance, patience, and promotes altruism. Useful healer, draws disease from the body, aids in tissue revitalization. Helps to heal the nervous system and promotes self-healing. Eases stress, neutralizes negative energy. Cleanses environment, body, mind and spirit. Aids depression, memory, decision-making. Protects the person and his environment. Heals throat and throat chakras, kidneys, bladder. Wear on the wrist and throat.


SOURCE: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia

APPEARANCE: Transparent, pointed crystals

PROPERTIES: Powerful healer and protector, enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.
Stimulates throat chakra, clears aura, transmutes negative energy. Calms mind, enhances meditation and visualization. Disperses psychic attack. Ameliorates anger, rage, fear, and resentment. Aids assimilation of new ideas. Connects cause and effect. Promotes selflesnesss. Effects enhanced by Rose Quartz. Supports sobriety. Relieves physical and emotional pain. Boosts production of hormones, strengthens cleansing organs and circulatory system,calms nervous system, unites scattered energies. Aids insomnia, hearing endocrine glands,digestive tract, heart, cellular disorder. Place on all parts of the body, especially the throat and chest.


SOURCE: USA, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, India, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan.

APPEARANCE: Clear crystal

PROPERTIES: Useful healing stone, reduces stress, quietens the mind, sharpens intellect, clears blocked communication and throat chakra. Fliters information reaching the brain, aids interpretation of emotional state. Reduces fear, increases sensitivity and creativity, enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. Shields aura, aligns chakras. Brings tolerance to judmental people, encourages responsibility for actions. Treats swollen glands, and sore throats; strengthens cleansing organs, liver, spleen and kidneys. Aids teeth, jaw, eye, throat, and stomach. Hold or place on appropriate point.