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SOURCE: USA, Britain, Czech Republic, Peru, Iceland, Romania

APPEARANCE: Translucent and waxy.

PROPERTIES: Energy amplifier. Facilitates psychic abilities., channeling, astral projection, and higher consciousness. Connects intellect and emotions. Alleviates emotional stress, brings peace and serenity. Memory aid, brings insights. Cleanses organs and bones, strengthens skeleton and joints. Golden or yellow Calcite enhances meditation, focuses concentration. Brings in spiritual light and knowledge. Hold or place in appropriate point.


SOURCE: Britain, Czech Republic, Peru, Iceland, Romania

APPEARANCE: Transluscent pebble, often water-polished

PROPERTIES: Grounds and anchors into present suroundings. Removes fear of death, bringing acceptance of cycle of life. Improves analytical abilities and clarifies perception, motivates success in business; aids positive life choices; dispels apathy. Clears extraneous thoughts in meditation, heals etheric body, protects against rage and resentment. Capacity to clean other stones. Influences female reproductive organs, increasing fertililty. Heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, deprression. Activates lower chakras. Orange carnelian warms and energizes. Wear as a pendant or belt buckle.


SOURCE: USA, Austria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand

APPEARANCE: Transparent or opaque

PROPERTIES: A stone of brotherhood , promotes group stability, alleviates hostility, promotes benevolence. Increases physical energy. Balances body, emotions, mind and spirit. Eases self-doubts. Absorbs and dissipates negative energies. Cleanses, including open sores. Fosters maternal instinct, increases lactation. Improves mineral assimilation, combats mineral buildup in veins. Aids dementia and senelity. Wear on the fingers, around the neck, or as a belt buckle. Place as appropriate.


SOURCE: Russia

APPEARANCE: Mottled and veined

PROPERTIES: A stone of transformation. Synthesizes heart and crown chakras, cleansing aura, stimulates unconditonal love. Integrates negative qualities, facilitates acceptance of others. Transmutes energy, converting disease to wellness. Grounds spiritual self. Heals and integrates dualities. Treats eyes, heart, liver pancreas. Regulates blood pressure. Alleviates aches and pains. Place over the heart.