The Artist : Lilly Rahmann

We are manufacturers of unique pieces of jewellery made with semi-precious and precious gemstones set in silver.
Our designer is a gemmologist who works with many different types of gemstones.
She is a color specialist who is able to combine gemstones of different colors and textures to give each piece a very unique look for those very special customers.


Lilly Rahmann was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated from the Asin Institute of Gemmological Sciences at the age of 20. She worked at the institute as a teacher and a lab  technicien for three years.  She later married and moved to Canada where she started and ran a successful artificial flower and plant import business for over twenty years.  During those years,, Lilly started creating her own line of hand-made jewellery made with semi-precious and precious gemstones. Her line of jewellery was very unique with a worldwide appeal. She showed and sold her jewellery in such places as the prestigious Bangkok Gem and Jewellery show, the International Jewellery Show in Tokyo, Japan, the International Jewellery and Mineral show in Shinjuku, Japan, La Foire de Genève, Switzerland in the “One of a Kind Section”, the Montreal Jewellery show in Canada and the Toronto Jewellery show in Canada. Her unique pieces have been sold all over the world thanks to Novica, an affiliate company to the famous National Geographic Society who selected Lilly as their main Thai artist in the high end jewellery category. Lilly has been producing special jewellery pieces which are still sold on their website at You can also visit her personal website at and her jewellery company website at

Lilly’s interest  in the healing aspects of gemstones started when she was making her jewellery. She read countless books on the subject and started healing people with the techniques that she had discovered. She wanted to know more about energy and healing and so she became a Reiki Master.  From there she foud out about Quantum Touch and she is now a Quantum Touch Practitioner and will soon become a teacher.  She also successfully completed the Quantum Touch’s “Core Transformation Technique”. Lilly now adds her own personal touch of healing with color therapy, hot rock & cold crystal therapy, tehcniques that she is now perfecting. In the fall of 2009, she is planning to attend a hypnosis course to become a hypnosis therapy practitioner.

Lilly has helped many people with many different problems through her own special blend of healing techniques which is the sum of all of the parts.  She mixes in the gem healing with Reiki and quantum touch according to her patient’s specific emotional or physical problems.

Lilly is passionate about what she does and she will continue to learn about this wonderful field of self-healing with this life force or energy within us and surrounding us.